Best Ubuntu Apps You Should Be Using

Best Ubuntu Apps You Should Be Using
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If you are a new user of Ubuntu, you may want to discover new apps to make things easier, but which one do you need the most as a beginner? There are lots of app choices on the internet, and some of them is essential. So, if you don’t want to waste your time trying to find which one is the best, we gathered the best Ubuntu apps you should be using to save your time.

All of these applications that we share are open source and free, only, some do have optional paid features. To be able to install the apps, you can use the app store or Ubuntu Linux terminal.


If you don’t like the popular browsers, we recommend installing the Brave. It’s a great browser and it comes with an ad blocker installed. It doesn’t automatically track you and is probably safer than the current browser that you’re using, and best of all it’s chromium based, which is an open-source project.

Gnome Tweaks

Gnome Tweaks app allows you to customize a bunch of cosmetic in the Gnome desktop environment. Actually, Gnome Tweaks is used to modify the look and feel of your Ubuntu system. If you want to customize your desktop, things like the top bar, toolbar, quick launch, etc. you should install this app.

Thunderbird Mail

Thunderbird is an open-source, and lightweight email client. It has many features including managing your emails, newsfeed, chats, and much more. Also, you can customize Thunderbird, and extend the functionality of the app thanks to its addons.


Since you can’t use Microsoft apps in Ubuntu free, we’ll recommend OnlyOffice as an open-source set of productivity apps for Ubuntu. It’s free, and OnlyOffice gets regular updates. This app is an alternative for Microsoft Office, and since it resembles a lot, you don’t feel like a stranger.

Fluent Reader

Fluent Reader is a modern, free, and open-source RSS feed reader that is available on Ubuntu. The application is built with React, Fluent UI, and Electron. You can bring and find anything you want in the app by searching titles, and full contents of articles.

Is there more apps do you need? Yes, but these are the most necessary apps for Ubuntu beginners. You can search and discover more apps based upon your needs.