How to Choose the Right Linux Distributions?

How to Choose the Right Linux Distributions?
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Linux operating systems have grown enormously. There are now many different versions called first rows or distributions that you can download and use but which Linux version to choose, and how to choose the right Linux distributions?

We’ll look closely at the top three most popular desktop Linux versions, their benefits, and who we’d recommend for each, but before starting you need to answer some questions to find the right Linux version for you.

Why Do You Use Your Computer?

Do you just check your emails and browse the web? Do you design videos or graphics? Do you develop software? Do you play video games? How you use your computer or laptop helps you decide which tools and software you’ll choose.

Do You Know Tech Stuff?

Some Linux distros are more user-friendly than others, so if you don’t know well about tech, you can choose the easiest one for yourself.

Are You Using Computer for Business or Personal Use?

Think that there are many different needs in the business world and if you are using Linux, Windows or Mac programs aren’t always compatible with its programs.

Which Linux Version to Choose?

With those three questions in mind, we’ll be looking at Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Fedora distros.


Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution maintained and led by a UK-based company Canonical. Ubuntu provides a desktop server and cloud versions of its operating system for professional, and personal use. It releases new versions of its operating system every six months and it even comes with long-term support. Ubuntu also offers a variety of different desktop environments to choose from making it easy for you to find a version or flavor.

Linux Mint

Many people consider this to be the most user-friendly Linux distro because it looks similar to Windows. It has long-term support. Linux Mint offers a lot of different graphical interfaces so that you can choose which version of Mint works best for you.


Fedora is a community-maintained distro of Linux, which is sponsored by Red Hat. Linux Mint uses the Gnome Desktop in the first place, which is an innovative desktop that is designed to help increase productivity, and help the user focuses on tasks.

Which One Is Best?

These are one of the most popular Linux distributions. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. What do you think about these three popular Linux distributions? Are you currently using Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or Fedora? Share your thoughts with us.