Is Linux Hard to Learn?

Is Linux Hard to Learn?
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There’s this phenomenon that we’ve noticed, that a lot of people who started using Linux fall into. Usually, it happens pretty early on it. Maybe a couple of weeks after they installed their first distro and that’s people said that Linux is too hard. They run into some type of roadblock, error or misconfiguration that they just can’t figure out, so is Linux hard to learn?

If you start off on this Linux journey, we assume that you want to control your device yourself, and you have your reasons. Linux still holds its reputation for being complicated. It’s often perceived as being a system for nerds who want to tinker with their computer and don’t actually have any real work to do or a server developer OS.

All these preconceived notions are chosen in an image of complexity and of Linux not being the right tool for a regular user. People often associate Linux with the command line thinking that it doesn’t have a graphical interface or that you need to do half the things with a terminal. These different issues can be explained quite simply.

CMD Line Issue

While it is true that Linux has the most effective terminal and that everything can be done without a graphical user interface, you don’t need a terminal to use Linux, you can get by without it. The problem here is that most tutorials and help guides resort to giving command lines to solve problems.

It’s not a hard thing to do or solve, but when you look for help on the internet, you can see some complex solutions instead of the real ones. They made you think that the only way to solve issues is by using a terminal in the end, but you must search for your own distributions to solve that.

It Works Like Windows

Another misconception is that Linux will work just like Windows or macOS. It is often built as if it’s like Windows but it’s free and you can do anything. This is not a good way to onboard new users. They come in expecting things to work like they did on their previous OS and they expect them to work as well. This reason made people think that Linux is hard to learn, but it’s not true.

Don’t Give Up

Once you’re on your Linux desktop, there is a learning curve which can be quite steep or very low depending on which option you picked. It may seem hard, but don’t give up, because when you switch to something new, there is always something to learn.