What is Apache?

What is Apache?
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An Apache is a web and an HTTP server that will present websites to visitors that come to your server. So, if you wanted to deploy a personal website or if it’s for a business, then apache would be the go-to to allow you to actually do that in the first place.

There are other HTTP servers available on the market. A few examples would be NGINX, IIS, and LiteSpeed, but by far the most common HTTP server is Apache. So, before further ado, let’s learn more about Apache.

Apache name was chosen out of respect to the Native American tribe Apache as they had superior skills in warfare and strategy. Apache is well-known for being reliable, it’s free and most of the time if you’re going to be deploying a website, you’ll be using Apache, you do need to remember that at the core of things stripped down to its bare bone that Apache is just an HTTP server.

Apache Web Servers

If you’re going to be installing patching onto a server, you need to be aware that all you’re going to be able to host is a static website such as HTML and JavaScript. So, this would be like your H1 tax, P tags and nothing more. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more dynamic and database is driven then you’ll need to install additional server services, such as PHP, Ruby, MySQL, etc.

A good example of this would be what is commonly known as a LAMP stack, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. This would allow you to host those database-driven websites, which gives you more flexibility in what you can actually host you’ll generally find that the majority of people will actually install these services in addition to Apache.

If you are planning to just host a static website, then you wouldn’t have to worry about setting up the lamp stack, you can just have Apache as it is if it’s for a plain website where you’re just going to display information to the visitors all you’ll need is Apache and that’s it.


The Apache is the world’s largest open source foundation. It is a collaborative software development effort, and the efforts are aimed at creating a robust commercial-grade feature-rich and freely available source code implementation of a web server, the Apache is cooperatively managed by volunteers that came around the world. Additionally, hundreds of users have contributed code, documentation, and ideas to the Apache.