What is Control Panel?

What is Control Panel?
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The control panel is a necessary part of a web hosting account. Without a control panel, hosting a web account would be hard. The most commonly used and popular web hosting control panels are Plesk, cPanel and DirectAdmin. Some control panels, such as Plesk, only run on Windows, some are meant for Linux, and some control panels will work with both Windows and Linux.

As we’ve mentioned before, a control panel is an necessary part of web hosting account, it lets you manage the hosting account through control panel. Even a basic control panel can be helpful for you to manage and get a hold on your account, and as we’ve mentioned before there are some control panel options out there. So, let’s examine them.


cPanel is where you go to operate and manage your hosting account like files, applications, email, SSL, backup creation and automation and a few other things. This is the most popular control panel, and it has a lot of features. cPanel is easy to learn, and operate.


Plesk board is web hosting board software system, like DirectAdmin and cPanel. Plesk allows you to run your web hosting profile via a web-based interface. Plesk also lets you run hundreds of virtual hosts on one device that you’ll use Plesk board with dedicated hosting or Shared VPS.

Plesk board also automates several tasks that allow web hosts to cut back operational resources and prices whereas at a similar time increasing profit, client satisfaction, and potency.

Mostly, it allows you creating user accounts for FTP, uploading and managing files, create and manage email accounts, create and manage databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, add new domains and subdomains, and more. Plesk runs on both Linux system, and Windows operating systems.

How to Choose the One?

Basically, a control panel is more than we think it does. So, when it comes to choosing the right one, it may be hard to decide between them as you can generally use one control panel, and typically Linux-based plans come with a cPanel WHM, while Windows come with Plesk.