Which Linux Version to Choose?

Which Linux Version to Choose?
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When you’re moving to Linux operating system, your first experience matters a lot. If you feel limited, and if you don’t know which Linux version to choose, and since there have been a ton of excellent Linux distribution releases it sometimes takes a while to find the perfect one for yourself. So, if you don’t want to waste your time finding the perfect one, read our article.

This list will feature a wide range from a nearly simple Gnome experience to a themed and customized KDE/Plasma environment. For advanced and new users, there are lots of distros available that you’ll like. Before further ado, let’s start with the first one.


One of the popular distros is Gnome. It is very simple, and there are many options to choose between, you can also customize it. Gnome feels and looks very efficient, and it isn’t complex. Once you spent five minutes with it, you can learn the basic things.

You can get everything without a charge, and it’s all based on the concept of activity. Once you click the top left you can see the activity toolbar where you can track all your open windows, applications and favorites.


KDE or Plasma has a simple taskbar and the same defaults that looks like Windows, but you can change every single behaviour. You can change the window controls and management, and you can also add widgets while creating multiple panels. Once you deep learn how to use the applications, and the settings of the desktop environment, you can see that there is a lot to customize and change.


Now, if you are a Mac user, you may want to take a look at the Pantheon distro. It is the default desktop environment in elementary OS, and it’s virtually useable to its fullest potential. Pantheon looks like MacOS. It has a dark layout, dark bar and a theme that looks very similar to the macOS. Also, the applications behave in the exact same way except for a few details. It’s not a clone of macOS, but Mac users will be very familiar with Pantheon.

Personal Preference

Deciding which Linux version to choose is really all personal preference but we hope we shed some light on which Linux version to choose and about picking the right one for you. Feel free to share your thoughts and your recommendations, and explain why you recommend each one for beginners.