Why You Should Use Linux?

Why You Should Use Linux?
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Linux is one of the most popular desktop platforms in the world, it brings a lot of customization opportunities, provides good support to its users, and more. Since there are lots of choices, it’s hard to choose between all of them. If you aren’t sure about switching to Linux or not, we’ll share some reasons why you should use Linux by explaining them.

Linux can make you more productive than most other operating systems with its lots of usage opportunities. Before further ado, let’s break down some of the reasons why you should use Linux, so maybe you could get into Linux and figure out a lot of things about it.

Free of Charge

Linux is free. Yes. You don’t have to pay a penny to use Linux. There’s no subscription free, or there’s no hidden fee. When you download it, you’ll get access to everything.


To start with, freedom is one of the most important things when you’re using an operating system. What we mean by freedom is that if you download something and throw it into a virtual machine, you can look at all the application that it comes with, and also you can go into the code and inspect it to see how this operating system works.


If you are using Windows, you must’ve known that you can’t change almost anything on your desktop except for background and light change, but with Linux, you can download other desktop choices such as Ubuntu, MX Linux, etc. and find an operating system that you like.


When it comes to privacy and security, Linux wins this. Also, you’ll never experience any malware or viruses while using Linux.

Beginner Friendly

Even though it may seem more complicated than the other operating systems, Linux is beginner friendly and easy to use. There’s no difference in basic operations from the others.

Why Choose Linux Over Other Operating Systems?

The simple reason behind choosing Linux over other operating systems is that you can’t easily use customized hardware with other operating systems. It’s all free, it comes from a central repository, and even if you have no idea about using Linux, you can easily learn it, thanks to its beginner-friendly design.

These are the main reasons why you should use Linux. What do you think about them? If you are a person who uses Linux already day-to-day, share your reasons to help beginners.